Hello OVP for Flash fans,

A new version of OVP for Adobe Flash is now available.

This release includes the following changes:
1. MultiPlayer fix : In VideoController.as, removed extraneous call to connect() that was causing a double-video to be rendered for _model.TYPE_AMD_ONDEMAND content.
2. OVP Core : In AkamaiConnection, modified subscribeRequiredForLiveStreams() to only return true for FMS versions < 3.5
3. OVP Core : In AkamaiDynamicNetStream, modified resetAllLiveTimers() function to allow for timers not established if subscribe was not required.
4. VAST plugin improved to pause the host player before requesting and parsing the VAST document. This fixes the problem of the main video playing for a few seconds before it is paused for a pre-roll ad.
5. Bug fixes:
2867429 - In Model.as (MultiPlayer), removed unescape() wraps from embed and link flashvars.

- The OVP Team