Access to OVP

OVP is available as follows:

  • Player configuration tools. Configure media players for Flash and Silverlight with available custom options and export necessary code for deployment.  If you are new to OVP, this is a recommended starting point.  To access the configuration tools, please visit one of the following:
    • For the Flash Player plug-in, click here.
    • For the Silverlight plug-in, click here.
  • Binary distribution. A compressed file in ZIP format available for download.
    • For the Flash Player plug-in, the package contains the code library, sample reference implementations, and documentation.
    • For the Silverlight plug-in, the package contains the necessary files for a readily deployable media player application and relevant documentation.
  • Source distribution. A compressed zip that contains the source code of a particular release. This is a good way to get started with modifications to the existing players.
  • Source repository. A Subversion (SVN) repository that provides read-only access to the source code. This allows more control over the version of source for users that are familiar with the SVN source control system.

Project site resources

  • Documentation. Learn more about how to use OVP to develop and deploy media player applications.
  • Development. Find details about the OVP team, the engagement process for contributions, features, bugs, and feedback, access to the code repository, the details for the OVP license, and more.
  • News / Blog. Stay on top of the progress of the OVP initiative and the industry around media player applications.