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backgroundColor — Property, class org.openvideoplayer.cc.Style
The background color for the control rendering the captioning text.
bandwidth — Event, class org.openvideoplayer.net.OvpConnection
Dispatched when a bandwidth estimate is complete.
bandwidth — Property, class org.openvideoplayer.utilities.HTTPBandwidthEstimate
Returns the last estimated bandwidth value, in kilobits per second, or undefined if no value has been measured.
BANDWIDTH — Constant Static Property, class org.openvideoplayer.events.OvpEvent
The OvpEvent.BANDWIDTH constant defines the value of the OvpEvent's type property, which indicates the class has completed a bandwidth estimate.
BandwidthRule — class, package org.openvideoplayer.net.dynamicstream
Switching rule for Bandwidth detection.
BandwidthRule(metrics:org.openvideoplayer.net.dynamicstream:INetStreamMetrics) — Constructor, class org.openvideoplayer.net.dynamicstream.BandwidthRule
bitrate — Property, class org.openvideoplayer.rss.ContentTO
BUFFERING — Constant Static Property, class org.openvideoplayer.plugins.OvpPlayerEvent
When listening for an OvpPlayerEvent.STATE_CHANGE event, the data object will be this value when the player is buffering video data.
bufferLength — Property, interface org.openvideoplayer.net.dynamicstream.INetStreamMetrics
bufferLength — Property, class org.openvideoplayer.net.dynamicstream.MetricsProvider
Returns the current bufferlength of the NetStream
BUFFER_LENGTH — Constant Static Property, class org.openvideoplayer.events.OvpError
Invalid buffer length value.
bufferPercentage — Property, class org.openvideoplayer.net.OvpNetStream
The buffer percentage currently reported by the stream.
BufferRule — class, package org.openvideoplayer.net.dynamicstream
Switching rule for Buffer detection.
BufferRule(metrics:org.openvideoplayer.net.dynamicstream:INetStreamMetrics) — Constructor, class org.openvideoplayer.net.dynamicstream.BufferRule
bufferTime — Property, class com.akamai.rss.AkamaiBOSSParser
The buffer time designated for this stream
bufferTime — Property, interface org.openvideoplayer.net.dynamicstream.INetStreamMetrics
bufferTime — Property, class org.openvideoplayer.net.dynamicstream.MetricsProvider
Retufns the current bufferTime of the NetStream
bufferTimeout — Property, class org.openvideoplayer.net.OvpNetStream
_busy — Property, class org.openvideoplayer.parsers.ParserBase
bytesLoadRatio — Property, class com.akamai.net.AkamaiEnhancedNetStream
The ratio of the bytes loaded to total bytes of the stream.
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