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MASTAdapterEvent — class, package org.openvideoplayer.advertising
This class represents an event fired by a class implementing the IMASTAdapter interface.
MASTAdapterEvent(type:String, data:Object, bubbles:Boolean, cancelable:Boolean) — Constructor, class org.openvideoplayer.advertising.MASTAdapterEvent
maxBandwidth — Property, class org.openvideoplayer.net.OvpDynamicNetStream
Returns the average maximum bandwidth in kbps
maxBandwidth — Property, interface org.openvideoplayer.net.dynamicstream.INetStreamMetrics
maxBandwidth — Property, class org.openvideoplayer.net.dynamicstream.MetricsProvider
Returns the last maximum bandwidth measurement, in kbps
maxBufferLength — Property, class org.openvideoplayer.net.OvpDynamicNetStream
Sets the stable buffer value for the stream, in seconds.
maxBufferLength — Property, class org.openvideoplayer.net.OvpNetStream
The desired buffer length set for the NetStream, in seconds.
maxIndex — Property, class org.openvideoplayer.net.OvpDynamicNetStream
Returns the highest index available in the DynamicStreamItem which is being played.
maxIndex — Property, interface org.openvideoplayer.net.dynamicstream.INetStreamMetrics
maxIndex — Property, class org.openvideoplayer.net.dynamicstream.MetricsProvider
Returns the maximum index value
media — Property, class org.openvideoplayer.rss.ItemTO
Media — class, package org.openvideoplayer.rss
The Media class holds the data referenced by the media namespace in a RSS file.
Media() — Constructor, class org.openvideoplayer.rss.Media
mediaContentExpression — Property, class org.openvideoplayer.rss.RSSFilterFields
mediaContentIsDefault — Property, class org.openvideoplayer.rss.RSSFilterFields
mediaContentLang — Property, class org.openvideoplayer.rss.RSSFilterFields
mediaContentMedium — Property, class org.openvideoplayer.rss.RSSFilterFields
mediaContentType — Property, class org.openvideoplayer.rss.RSSFilterFields
mediaContentURL — Property, class org.openvideoplayer.rss.RSSFilterFields
mediaCopyright — Property, class org.openvideoplayer.rss.RSSFilterFields
mediaDescription — Property, class org.openvideoplayer.rss.RSSFilterFields
mediaKeywords — Property, class org.openvideoplayer.rss.RSSFilterFields
mediaThumbnailTime — Property, class org.openvideoplayer.rss.RSSFilterFields
mediaThumbnailURL — Property, class org.openvideoplayer.rss.RSSFilterFields
mediaTitle — Property, class org.openvideoplayer.rss.RSSFilterFields
medium — Property, class org.openvideoplayer.rss.ContentTO
metadata — Event, class org.openvideoplayer.net.OvpNetStream
Dispatched when the class receives descriptive information embedded in the video file being played.
METADATA — Constant Static Property, class org.openvideoplayer.events.OvpEvent
METAFILE_VERSION_I — Constant Property, class com.akamai.rss.AkamaiBOSSParser
METAFILE_VERSION_II — Constant Property, class com.akamai.rss.AkamaiBOSSParser
METAFILE_VERSION_IV — Constant Property, class com.akamai.rss.AkamaiBOSSParser
_metricsProvider — Property, class org.openvideoplayer.net.OvpDynamicNetStream
metricsProvider — Property, class org.openvideoplayer.net.OvpDynamicNetStream
Returns the metrics provider instance
MetricsProvider — class, package org.openvideoplayer.net.dynamicstream
The purpose of the MetricsProvider class is to provide run-time metrics to the switching rules.
MetricsProvider(ns:flash.net:NetStream) — Constructor, class org.openvideoplayer.net.dynamicstream.MetricsProvider
Constructor Note that for correct operation of this class, the caller must set the dynamicStreamItem which the monitored stream is playing each time a new item is played.
MP3_ID3 — Constant Static Property, class org.openvideoplayer.events.OvpEvent
The OvpEvent.MP3_ID3 constant defines the value of an OvpEvent's type property, dispatched when the the class receives information about ID3 data embedded in an MP3 file.
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