IAdPlayer An interface implemented by an ad player.
 IMASTAdapter The purpose of the IMASTAdapter interface is to provide an adapter between the player and the MAST engine.
 IMASTPayloadHandler The IMASTPayloadHandler Interface.
 IMASTSource IMASTSource represents the source or the payload of the MAST document.
 IMASTTarget IMASTTarget represents a target object in a MAST document.
 IMASTTrigger IMASTTrigger represents a trigger object in a MAST document.
 IVPAID The IAB standard IVPAID interface for OVP players.
 MASTAdapterEvent This class represents an event fired by a class implementing the IMASTAdapter interface.
 VPAIDEvent VPAID Event class for dispatching and listening for events on an object that implements the IVPAID interface.