INetConnection The INetConnection interface declares the properties and methods for a class implementing NetConnection behavior.
 OvpClientProxy This proxy class is used privately by OVpNetStream to listen for capture client object callbacks.
 OvpConnection The OvpConnection class manages the complexity of establishing a robust NetConnection with a streaming service.
 OvpCuePointManager The OvpCuePointManager class allows you to add cue points with ActionScript and have them fire at specified times in the stream.
 OvpDynamicNetStream The OvpDynamicNetStream class extends OvpnetStream to implement Adobe's Dynamic Switching -i.e the ability to switch smoothly between a suite of consistent source files which vary in their bitrate and dimensions.
 OvpNetStream The OvpNetStream class extends to provide unique features such as a fast start (dual buffer) for streams, and metadata events.